Guidelines For Your First PhotoShoot

Pre-shoot preparation is an important part of ensuring that we have quality photos. Make sure all the batteries are charged and check that everything is working. Gather all the items of clothing together and set them up like a production line. Iron (or steam, if required) them before hanging them on the rack for the shoot. This ensures there are no wrinkles when we start the shoot.

An Introduction to Lights

Professional studio light sources can be broadly placed into two categories: you can either get a kit with a flash head and a power pack or a monolight kit.

The flash head and power pack kit come with a flash head and a small power pack that supplies electricity to the flash.

An Introduction to Camera

There are cameras at various price points in the market currently. So we will give a brief overview of some models that can be useful for you if you do not already own a DSLR camera. Do note that this is not an exhaustive list and feel free to try out various models before you buy one. At the end of the day, ergonomics and the user interface of the camera are important too and for that you will have to try them out before making the purchase.

Why Model Images Matter?

Fashion and Apparel industry has also seen an influx of innovative tech, which is one of the primary drivers contributing to it’s accelerating growth. While Artificial Intelligence has seen many uses in the fashion industry, it has significantly reduced cost and time spent on model photography. Attractive model imagery can be created in a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost.